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Increase your business 25%-100%
without spending any more money on advertising.

    Hello, my name is Clayton Bretey, founder of Strategic Marketing Help.

    I want to help you build your business strategically without spending any more money on advertising.  How?

    By helping you identify and take advantage of hidden marketing assets that are either going unrecognized or underutilized in your business. 

    Nearly every business has marketing assets that are overlooked, underperforming, untapped, or undervalued.  Without a proven system in place to take advantage of these windfall opportunities inherent in your business, these assets will most likely continue to be wasted - like a money printing press collecting dust in your basement closet.

   Most business owners recognize and agree that marketing is the lifeblood of their business, and yet, it is often the most underutilized and inefficient activity that they engage in.  Sure, in concept they know what should or could be done, but in practice those concepts just don't get carried out.

    It takes time, money, and self-discipline to learn the most efficient means of marketing your business - and then more of the same to execute what you've learned. 

    Problem is most business owners don't feel they have the time, money, and self-discipline to learn and execute the most efficient means of marketing their business.  Perhaps you feel the same way.

    One solution is to outsource your marketing expertise so that you don't have to master it yourself.

    I discovered a proven system that has been mining profits for business owners for over 20 years.  This system, combined with my own years of experience in various businesses and industries now come together to offer you real help with your business marketing. 

    The system identifies hidden assets and opportunities in your business, and most importantly it executes steps that harvest windfall profits in your business without spending any more money on advertising.

    To see an overview of the system and to learn where some of these hidden assets are found click on this link:  Finding Hidden Marketing Assets.

    To learn more about how the system can help you through Strategic Marketing Help,
call me at: (712) 254-1262, email, or
write 54817 650th St., Atlantic, IA. 50022.


    Clayton Bretey